Fake websites

Beware of internet scams!Terms and conditions: registration - ECNP Congress
Beware of agencies and websites offering services linked to the ECNP Congress in Barcelona (mostly registration and accommodation).

Official ECNP Congress registration runs through our congress website www.ecnp.eu/congress2023. All registration-related correspondence comes from an account whose underlying address is registration@ecnp.eu.

We provide in house registration service through our website and our official housing agency is c’accommodation. Their ECNP correspondence address is ecnphousing@caccommodation.com. Other mailings from the congress will come from congress2023@ecnp.eu. To verify the underlying account, right-click on the e-mail address — this will show you the real address behind the label.

Any other communication purporting to represent the congress and not coming from these sources has nothing to do with ECNP and is using our name and/or logo without authorisation. If you purchase registration or accommodation through one of these sites, you will very likely pay an unnecessary premium or possibly even be defrauded.

Please be aware as well of phone calls from such agencies. ECNP will not call you to make a hotel reservation or register you for the Congress by phone. If you suspect you are being targeted by a fraudulent website or receive alleged scam e-mails or phone calls, feel free to report here.