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ECNP is an independent scientific association dedicated to the science and treatment of disorders of the brain. It is the largest non-institutional supporter of applied and translational neuroscience research and education in Europe.


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Every year, ECNP organises a number of seminars in European developing-economy countries, whose researchers and practitioners have limited opportunities to attend international meetings. The aim of the ECNP Seminar is to provide an interactive training course for future neuropsychopharmacology leaders in those countries. They offer participants the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in a concentrated learning environment with local and international experts. Would you like to organise an ECNP Seminar in your country in 2018? We are happy to assist you!


Second edition of the Neuroscience-based Nomenclature launched

At the presidential symposium at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in San Diego on 20-24 May, NbN taskforce chair and former ECNP president Joseph Zohar launched the second edition of the NbN. The new edition includes 22 new medications, totalling 130 medications. Translations into Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and French are underway. The second edition accompanies a new child and adolescent version, the NbN-CA, piloted at the ECNP School of Child and Adolescent Neuropsychopharmacology in Venice on 2-7 April 2017. The NbN-CA is being prepared for general release shortly.


ECNP in depth with Hanna van den Munkhof - Unlocking the potential of brexpiprazole

Junior scientist Hanna van den Munkhof presented at the 29th ECNP Congress in 2016 on the novel antipsychotic brexpiprazole. Her findings showed that brexpiprazole reverses a disruption of thalamocortical function induced by phencyclidine, which is used as a pharmacological model of schizophrenia. Van den Munkhof spoke to ECNP to describe her work and life as a junior scientist.

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