Our aims and objectives

ECNP is committed to ensuring that advances in the understanding of brain function and human behaviour are translated into better treatments and enhanced public health.

ECNP's goals

ECNP aims and objectives

  • Support innovative research in the convergent disciplines of neuropsychopharmacology and facilitate the communication of ideas, discoveries and best practices.
  • Encourage the scientific activities of countries in Europe and co-ordinate the development of common European standards.
  • Promote the entry of Early Career Scientists into the field and support their ongoing professional development.
  • Provide guidance and information to the public on matters relating to brain function and the treatment of brain disorders.
  • Facilitate dialogue with regulators, government bodies, international agencies and industry.

What we do

To achieve its aims, ECNP organises a wide range of activities, programmes and events across Europe. These include:


ECNP initiatives

  • The annual ECNP Congress, attended by more than 5,000 psychiatrists, neuroscientists, neurologists and psychologists from around the world each year.
  • For the communication and cross-fertilisation of research results and ideas in the field of neuropsychopharmacology.
  • Workshops, for (pre-)doctorates and residents.
  • Schools, for Early Career Scientists within 6 years of having received their qualification.
  • Seminars, for focused interaction among Early Career Scientists.
  • New Frontiers Meetings, for cross-talk between researchers, industry and regulators on key future trends and frontier developments.


ECNP AwardsAs part of its mission to encourage high-quality research, ECNP offers a wide variety of awards and grants designed to recognise and stimulate outstanding research in neuropsychopharmacology and related disciplines in Europe:

For Early Career Scientists, ECNP is proud to offer the following awards:

As well as addressing the scientific community, ECNP provides guidance and information to the general public on matters relevant to brain research and brain disorders.

Our special incentives
ECNP offers a range of special incentives to the participants of the congress: Members, Non-MDs, Developing countries (CDE) and Early Career Scientists. More info here.

Liaison with other key organisations in the field

ECNP- networkingTo facilitate direct dialogues with other scientific bodies and indirect dialogues with the European Union Commissions, the European Parliament and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as other decision-making bodies, ECNP is member of: