With the rapid advances being made in our understanding of brain function and dysfunction, as well as their underlying biological mechanisms and psychological and social contexts, ECNP has expanded its journals programme to encompass two complementary platforms. Together the two journals provide publishing options that cover the spectrum of the applied and translational neurosciences:

  • European Neuropsychopharmacology, published 12 times a year, focuses on clinical and basic science contributions that advance our understanding of brain function and human behaviour and enable translation into improved treatments and enhanced public health impact in psychiatry. Recent years have been characterized by exciting advances in basic knowledge and available experimental techniques in neuroscience and genomics. However, clinical translation of these findings has not been as rapid. The journal aims to narrow this gap by promoting findings that are expected to have a major impact on both our understanding of the biological bases of mental disorders and the development and improvement of treatments, ideally paving the way for prevention and recovery.

    ENP impact factorNew! The impact factor of the ECNP's journal European Neuropsychopharmacology (ENP) is now 6.100 (up from 5.600)!

    Editor-in-chief: Eduard Vieta
    Associate editors: Jaanus Harro, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg

    Further information
    For more information about European Neuropsychopharmacology and how to submit research for publication, please visit the journal homepage.
  • Neuroscience Applied ECNP JournalNeuroscience Applied is ECNP’s fully open-access scientific journal, targeting the intersection between neuroscience, applications and new treatment horizons. The journal encompasses original basic, clinical and integrative research that has translational relevance for mental health, focusing especially on mechanisms of disorders, biological, psychological and social treatments, prevention and policies that apply a neuroscientific approach to brain disorders.
    Read more about the vision and scientific mission of the Neuroscience Applied.

    Editor-in-chief: Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg
    Associate editors: Suzanne Dickson, Mark Millan

    Further information
    To learn more about Neuroscience Applied, please visit the journal homepage.
    For questions about submissions, please contact Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg via e-mail.
    Read here ECNP Past-President Gitte Moos Knudsen’s message about Neuroscience Applied.