ECNP Early Career Academy (ECA)

The ECNP Early Career Academy (ECA) provides a home within ECNP for Early Career Scientists (ECS). The primary objective is to serve as a springboard, facilitating sustained engagement of ECS and support them throughout their careers within ECNP. This initiative seeks to offer a stimulating environment and resources that enable ECSs to excel and actively contribute to the field of neuroscience applied.

ECA member benefits 
The ECA offers a range of benefits aimed at fostering involvement and connectivity for its members and within ECNP. ECA activities include:

  • The opportunity to apply for a temporary position within one of ECNP’s Networks/TWGs enabling active participating and contribution to their initiatives
  • Invitation to participate in ECNP Podcasts, Congress Daily, and chairing ECS sessions during the annual Congress
  • Obtain education on career development and writing grant applications
  • Writing commentaries for ECNP’s journals
  • Meet peers in the same and other fields of interest

ECA membership spans a five-year period. Each year, 20 new members are admitted, resulting in a total membership of 100 members. The ECA is divided into five distinct interest areas, which will be defined by the first ECA cohort. Each interest area is overseen by a chair. ECA is governed by the ECA Board , consisting of ECA representatives, and the current, previous, and future ECNP presidents. 

Temporary position within Networks/Thematic Working Groups (TWG)
ECA members are invited to apply for a temporary position within ECNP’s Networks/TWGs . Each year, one placement per Network/TWG is allocated, with a tenure lasting two years. To ensure a diverse and dynamic representation, there is a maximum of two ECA seats available per Network/TWG. Each Network/TWG will be aligned to one of the five interest areas.

The Chair of each Network/TWG serves as the primary contact person for the ECA. However, if necessary, they have the authority to appoint a delegate from within the Network to manage specific tasks or responsibilities.

Requirements to join ECA

Requirements are:

  • European residency*
  • 2-7 years after obtaining PhD degree and/or 3-9 years into MD specialisation
  • Participation in at least two ECNP events, e.g. having been a session and/or poster presenter at the ECNP Congress or participant in ECNP School/Workshop/Course
  • At least one first-author publication
  • Be a member/associate member of ECNP or engagement to become one
  • Motivation consisting of three key points explaining why you would like to be involved and a concrete description of what you would like to do within ECNP.
  • Expression of affinity with your favourite and second favourite Networks or TWGs. Please click here  for the full list of networks and TWGs. Please note that at this stage, you only need to select your preferred networks or TWGs. Upon acceptance into the ECA, members can then submit an application for open temporary positions in the Networks/TWGs.

*Europe being the 46 countries of the Council of Europe plus Israel.


We are no longer accepting applications. Applications will reopen in 2025, exact date tba.