Abstract and Poster Committee

Members 2020-2023
Eric Ruhe, The Netherlands, Chair
Andreas Reif, Germany
Annamaria Cattaneo, Italy
John Cryan, Republic of Ireland
Jaanus Harro, Estonia
Judith Homberg, The Netherlands
Livia de Picker, Belgium
Vibe Frokjaer, Denmark
Marin Jukic, Sweden
Judith Lazary, Hungary
Paul Lucassen, The Netherlands
Allessandra Minelli, Italy
Kamilla Miskowiak, Denmark
Carles Sorinano-mas, Spain
Vesta Steibliene, Lithania

Purpose and goals
The Abstract and Poster Committee oversees the abstract and poster process of the ECNP Congress.

The Committee consists of 15 members, in order to review a broad range of topics.

The task of an Abstract and Poster Committee member is to:

Time commitment
Committee members meet on the first day of the ECNP Congress and have contact during the abstract submission and review process (April-June and September) and during each poster session at the congress.

In return, committee members receive free registration to the ECNP Congress, three nights’ accommodation and travel reimbursement.