Scientific Advisory Panel

Members 2017 - 2020

Roger Adan, The Netherlands
Laura Airas, Finland
Pino Alonso, Spain
Frank Bellivier, France
Anton Y. Bespalov, Germany
István Bitter, Hungary
Michael Bloomfield, United Kingdom
Jan Booij, The Netherlands
Jan K. Buitelaar, The Netherlands
Jocelyne Caboche, France
Josefina Castro-Fornieles, Spain
Annamaria Cattaneo, United Kingdom
Ginetta Collo, Italy
Andrea Danese, United Kingdom
Andrea de Bartolomeis, Italy
Suzanne L. Dickson, Sweden
Katharina Domschke, Germany
Filippo Drago, Italy
Anne Eckert, Switzerland
Angelika Erhardt, Germany
Mia Ericson, Sweden
Karen Ersche, United Kingdom
David P. Finn, Ireland
Gabriele Fischer, Austria
Kevin C.F. Fone, United Kingdom
Barbara Franke, The Netherlands
Christine Freitag, Germany
Vibe G. Frokjaer, Denmark  

Silvana Galderisi, Italy
Alexander Gerhard, United Kingdom
Mark A. Geyer, USA
Philip Gorwood, France
Iria Grande, Spain
Edna Grünblatt, Switzerland
Antoni Gual, Spain
Gregor Hasler, Switzerland
Martin Hatzinger, Switzerland
Judith Homberg, The Netherlands
Iiris Hovatta, Finland
Michal Hrdlicka, Czech Republic
Evgeny Krupitsky, Russia
Marion Leboyer, France
Klaus-Peter Lesch, Germany
Stefan Leucht, Germany
Paul John Lucassen, The Netherlands
Anabel Martinez-Aran, Spain
David Mataix-Cols, Sweden
Raymond Mongeau, France
Carmen Moreno, Spain
Arne Mørk, Denmark
Rainald Mössner, Germany
Dieter Naber, Germany
Inga Neumann, Germany
Florence Noble, France
Mariusz Papp, Poland
Mara Parellada, Spain

Walter Pirker, Austria
Edith Pomarol-Clotet, Spain
Marie-Claude Potier, France
Christopher Pryce, Switzerland
Andreas Reif, Germany
Emma Robinson, United Kingdom
Michelle Roche, Ireland
Henricus G. Ruhe, The Netherlands
Rainer Rupprecht, Germany
Janusz K. Rybakowski, Poland
David A. Slattery, Germany
Iris E.C. Sommer, The Netherlands
Daniel Souery, Belgium
Florence Thibaut, France
Marta Torrens, Spain
Elizabeth Tunbridge, United Kingdom
Wim van den Brink, The Netherlands
Guido van Wingen, The Netherlands
Louk J. Vanderschuren, The Netherlands
Elisabet Vilella, Spain
Odile Viltart, France
Ina Weiner, Israel
Abraham Weizman, Israel
Sue Wilson, United Kingdom
Aysegül Yildiz, Turkey
Alessandro Zuddas, Italy
Koen Schruers, The Netherlands

Purpose and goals
The Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) is ECNP’s scientific sounding board, providing guidance and content advice in ECNP’s key areas of scientific focus in disorders, interventions and methods.

80 members covering a variety of topics, with a combination of senior and promising early career scientists.

The SAP mandate is to:

  • Review the abstracts for poster presentation in April-May.
  • Review the congress programme in July-August.
  • Provide specific advice to the Scientific Programme Committee when requested.
  • Serve as session chairs during a congress, if needed.

Time commitment
Responsibilities are focused on abstract review in April-May every year (60 abstracts per person maximum). Members also review the programme for the congress and give their comments.

In return, SAP members receive free registration to the ECNP Congress.