ECNP Networks at a glance

Team and collaboration
ECNP Networks foster collaboration and gathering of experts interested in a specific brain research-related topic. Through different initiatives, such as the Thematic Working Groups, ECNP also encourages the collaboration between different Networks.

Meeting and discussion
Throughout the year, ECNP organises and promotes several Network meetings, during which Network members can present and discuss their data, develop common assessments and promote new projects. 

Networks receive an annual budget from ECNP to support their activities including the organisation of meetings and the initial preparation of grant application to respond to an EU-funded research call. The ECNP Office supports the activities of Networks in collaboration with the Networks Taskforce and manages administration of membership, budget and meetings.

Dialogue with stakeholders
Through several initiatives organised by the College (for example during the annual ECNP Congress or dedicated meetings), ECNP facilitates dialogue between Network members and researchers and clinicians from other organisations and institutions, as well as with regulatory bodies and relevant industries from inside and outside Europe.

Support in grant applications
ECNP Networks have obtained a variety of grants for research projects by European programmes (e.g. Horizon EuropeHorizon 2020 and IMI) and other agencies. ECNP Networks can use part of their annual budget to support the preparation of the initial application, and can apply for funding for assistance with writing the proposal.

Communication and dissemination of EU-funded projects

ECNP comprises Europe’s largest community of researchers in translational neuroscience. Through various types of dissemination (via the website and social media), training (e.g. ECNP Schools and Workshops) and communication activities (during the annual Congress and other meetings), the College has direct contact with thousands of neuroscientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists and other relevant stakeholders. ECNP can support Networks in the communication and dissemination of EU-funded projects to maximise their impact. ECNP is currently supporting these EU projects.

Data store

Exclusively for its Networks, ECNP provides access to GridSAM, a platform developed by CIBERSAM (Spanish Research Network on Mental Health) and the Institute of Instrumentation for Molecular Imaging (I3M) of the Valencia University of Technology (UPV) as a tool to centralise and standardise the data from brain research and clinical studies.