2024 Best Negative Data Prize in Pre-Clinical Neuroscience

1 April 1 2024

Sharing negative science results is key to neuroscience advancement

The Global Prelinical Data Forum, PAASP, Cohen Veterans Bioscience and the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology announce the 2024 Best Negative Data Prize in Pre-Clinical Neuroscience

The Global Preclinical Data Forum (GPDF), in collaboration with Cohen Veterans Bioscience (CVB), the Partnership for Assessment and Accreditation of Scientific Practice (PAASP) and the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP), announce the opening of submissions for the 2024 Best Negative Data Prize in Pre-Clinical Neuroscience. The prize, the first of its kind, is now in its fourth iteration. It recognises the researcher or research group whose publication in pre-clinical neuroscience best exemplifies data where the results do not confirm the expected outcomes or original hypotheses.

The primary aim of the prize, which was first awarded in 2018, has been to raise awareness about the importance of publishing all well-conducted studies, regardless of the outcome, to ensure scientific integrity and increase public trust in research. When researchers fail to publish negative findings, an important part of the complete scientific knowledge is lost, which could lead to unnecessary duplication of research efforts and potential loss of time and money.

According to Chantelle Ferland-Beckham, PhD, Senior Director of External Affairs at CVB and member of the GPDF Steering Committee, which oversees the prize, “Since the prize was first initiated, we’ve seen a shift from relegating negative results to the lab notebook to celebrating their contribution to collaborative science. CVB is deeply committed to broadly promoting scientific integrity at all levels. We are the lead organization behind the US branch of the GPDF and actively sponsor several initiatives that help to advance greater discipline in research methodology and processes. We believe strongly in the Best Negative Data Prize in Pre-Clinical Neuroscience and its contribution to scientific discourse and are privileged to co-sponsor this with ECNP.”

Martien Kas, President of ECNP, stated: As the premier European scientific society for the application of neuroscience to brain disorders, the ECNP is strongly invested in advancing knowledge through well-conducted and conclusive negative studies. This improves not only the scientific process but, importantly, the quality of care for brain disorders, which are among the most severe and chronic illnesses across Europe.

The call for submissions for the 2024 Best Negative Data Prize in Pre-Clinical Neuroscience will open on April 1, 2024, with a closing date of April 30, 2024. The award itself includes waived registration fee to attend the 2024 ECNP Congress fee and travel/accommodation support available through the generous sponsorship provided by ECNP and will be awarded at the 37th ECNP Congress in Milan, Italy, September 21-24 2024.

Full details about the criteria for submission and how to apply for the 2024 Best Negative Data Prize in Pre-Clinical Neuroscience can be found here.

How to apply
Corresponding authors may submit their papers directly on the GPDF’s website via the submission link. The review committee will select and inform the winner by 1 September 2024. The public announcement and presentation of the prize will take place at the 37th ECNP Congress, 21-24 September 2024, Milan, Italy, where the winner will be expected to present a talk about his or her negative data results paper.

About the Global Preclinical Data Forum
The Global Preclinical Data Forum (GPDF) is a joint US and European initiative to encourage global collaboration to address the challenge of ensuring that preclinical research is reproducible, robust and translatable to support disease research utility for clinical research & development. Members are comprised of preclinical scientists from academia, publishing, non-profit, industry and government, across the US and Europe, who aim to encourage global collaboration to advance translational research through the identification and sharing of best research practices, the development and implementation of novel data quality standards and providing training to the neuroscience community. To learn more about the GPDF and its work, visit this page.

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Founded in 2015, PAASP is the global network of companies and individuals specializing in the assessment and accreditation of preclinical research practice in the field of life sciences. PAASP provides training and consultancy services to facilitate the generation of robust and reliable data and enable improved and accelerated decision-making. PAASP’s mission is to increase the probability that basic nonclinical discoveries translate into safe and effective clinical treatments. To learn more about our projects and support provided to research community, visit the website.

About ECNP
ECNP is a scientific association dedicated to advancing the science of the brain, promoting better treatment and enhancing brain health. It is Europe’s leading independent forum for the science of CNS treatments. The ECNP Congress, Europe’s largest meeting on brain science, showcases the world’s best disease-oriented brain research, annually attracting between 4,000 and 6,000 neuroscientists, psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists. ECNP’s wide range of scientific and educational activities, programmes and events make it the largest non-institutional supporter of applied and translational neuroscience research and education in Europe.

The ECNP Preclinical Data Forum, established by ECNP in 2014, was the founding basis, and is now the European branch, of the Global Preclinical Data Forum.
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