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Residential course on advanced methods for reproducible science

A 5-day course (7-12 April 2017) that is tailored for early-career researchers and intended to raise awareness of the problem of low reproducibility across many scientific disciplines, and various methods that can be used to address this problem. ECNP is co-sponsoring the workshop.

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Maurizio Popoli about his work and the ECNP Congress

"I only wish there was a little more attention in the general public to the matter of neuropsychiatric disorders..." Maurizio Popoli is a frequent visitor of the ECNP Congresses. In 2016 he gave a lecture in a symposium on social stress and psychopathology (S.01). In this video he talks about his daily work on the effects of stress and the ECNP Congress.

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Would you like to contribute to the scientific programme of the 2018 ECNP Congress? If you have a great idea for a session, please share your innovative topics with us. Send us your session proposal by 1 March 2017.

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Why the ECNP Congress?

" annual congress attended by 4,000-6,000 people who come with extremely heterogeneous backgrounds...and we're here together for 3-4 days sharing our experiences, sharing the results of our studies, networking and mingling..."

ECNP President Celso Arango tells us how he became a child psychiatrist and shares his vision on ECNP and the annual ECNP Congress.

About ECNP

The European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) is a pan-European scientific association founded in 1987 to encourage innovative research across the neurosciences and to translate new knowledge on fundamental disease mechanisms into new medicines and clinical applications.

As Europe’s leading interdisciplinary forum for the science and treatment of disorders of the brain, ECNP promotes the communication and cross- fertilisation of high-quality experimental and clinical research across the field of neuroscience.

ECNP is a non-profit member-based association, independently governed and self-funded. ECNP is a public-interest-serving entity