Early Career Scientists

The future of neuropsychopharmacology in Europe relies on the field’s ability to attract and retain talented early career researchers.

ECNP is committed to ensuring that early career scientists continue to be drawn into the field and that they receive the support and professional development necessary to succeed in it.

Against this background the organisation launched the ECNP Early Career Scientists Initiative.

ECNP has installed the following incentives for early career scientists:


  • ECNP Workshop for Early Career Scientists in Europe
  • ECNP Workshop on Clinical Research Methods
  • ECNP Schools of:
    - Neuropsychopharmacology
    - Child and Adolescent Neuropsychopharmacology    

Benefits at the ECNP Congress

  • Free or reduced registration fee at ECNP Congresses.
  • New findings symposia incorporated in the scientific programme.
  • Career development sessions for learning practical skills.
  • An special evening event for more informal interaction. 

Other benefits