Provisional session titles

The scientific programme forms the central part of the Congress.ECNP Congress programme

Below you can already find the Symposia and Educational Update Sessions provisional titles of the 36th ECNP Congress, 7-10 October 2023, Barcelona, Spain.

In due time we will publish the lecture titles and speaker names in the searchable programme. More sessions (Career Development,  Campfire Sessions, etc.) will be added once they become available. 

The Keynote speaker, Sheena Josselyn, Canada, and Plenary Lectures are mentioned on separate pages.


  • Improving outcomes in autism – dissecting the neurobiological pathways from genetics to behaviour for stratification of diagnosis and treatment
  • Translating the brain-immune crosstalk into therapeutical interventions
  • The ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder Working Group: large-scale neuroimaging consortium studies of brain imaging, medications and clinical phenotypes
  • It's the synapse – from synaptic pruning to mental disorders and new treatments
  • Epigenetics of mental disorders: where are we?
  • Gene therapy for brain disorders
  • Psychedelics in mental health: are we there yet?
  • From bench to bedside and back again – translatability of hiPSC-based neuropharmacological modelling
  • Vulnerability and resilience in psychiatric disorders: from mechanisms to clinics
  • Innovating approaches in prevention of suicide using biomarkers and data mining
  • Multimodal data and artificial intelligence for the advancement of precision psychiatry
  • Understanding the fog: managing chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment in cancer patients
  • Cannabis and psychosis: clinical features, risk for relapse and potential mechanism
  • Is the endocannabinoid system the key to novel treatments strategies for anxiety, stress and trauma related disorders?
  • Perinatal mental illnesses: risk factors, mechanisms and emerging evidence on pharmacotherapies
  • Characterisation of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders complex phenotypes and genetic variability: implications for research and personalization of care
  • Hormonal contraceptives, brain function and depression
  • Potential of (non-)invasive neuromodulation for brain disorders: translational and transdiagnostic
  • The blood brain barrier: from mechanisms to mental health

Educational Update Sessions

  • Past, present and future of diagnostics
  • Post-COVID neuropsychiatric syndrome: clinical presentation and management 
  • Ketamine based fast acting antidepressants 
  • Reconsidering the effects of the environment on mental health: are we ready for nature-based therapies?
  • Early cognitive decline and brain changes in the preclinical phase of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Bipolar disorder – is lithium in pole position for long-term treatment?