Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of ECNP membership?

  • Free online subscription to European Neuropsychopharmacology
  • Reduced registration fees to the annual ECNP Congress
  • Invitation to the General Assemblies
  • Access to the ECNP Member Portal (for members-only) including the member database (find a member)
  • Ability to apply for an invitation to the ACNP Annual Meeting
  • Ability to join an ECNP Network

Who can apply for membership?
ECNP is open to any active researcher in neuropsychopharmacology or related disciplines.

What kind of memberships are available?

  • Ordinary Membership
    Ordinary members are expected to be active in the field of applied and translational neuroscience and resident in Europe. Only ordinary members have the right to vote at the General Assembly and to hold office in the Executive Committee.

    ECNP has a special fee for members who are officially retired (Emeritus membership) and have been an ECNP member for ten years or more. Please contact the ECNP Office for further details. 

  • Fellow membership
    Fellow membership recognises the achievements of distinguished members. Fellows are selected by the Executive Committee (EC) on the basis of both their excellence as researchers and their contributions to the College. Fellow members are appointed for three years. There is no limit to how many times this may be renewed.

    On how to become a Fellow member, please click here.

  • Associate Membership
    Associate membership is available to the age of 40 for those who are actively engaged in or interested in research in neuropsychopharmacology and its related disciplines and are resident in Europe, but who do not yet fulfil the requirements of ordinary membership. Associate membership is for a period of five years maximum. It is especially recommended for Early Career Scientists.

  • Corresponding Membership
    Corresponding membership is available for researchers in the field of applied and translational neuroscience who are not permanently resident in Europe. Corresponding membership does not carry voting rights. Corresponding members cannot hold office in the Executive Committee.

  • Honorary Membership
    Honorary membership is awarded to scientists of outstanding distinction by the General Meeting of members upon recommendation by the Executive Committee. 

If I am a new member, when can I benefit from the preferential fee of the annual ECNP Congress?
As soon as your membership fee has been settled you are entitled to all membership benefits.

Do I have to renew my membership every year?
Yes. You will receive a notification for renewal by e-mail 2 months and 1 month in advance.

Can I receive a certificate of membership?
Yes, you may print your certificate via My ECNP portal. 

How much are the membership fees?

  • Ordinary Membership: EUR 120 (for countries with developing economy: EUR 75.00)
  • Emeritus Membership: EUR 75.00
  • Fellow Membership: EUR 120.00
  • Associate membership: EUR 50.00 (for countries with developing economy: EUR 15.00)
  • Corresponding membership: EUR 120 (for countries with developing economy EUR 75)
  • Honorary members: No fee 

Membership comes with a free online subscription to the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology. If you would like to receive the printed version of the journal as well, please know this is possible for an extra cost of EUR 30 per year.

Am I eligible for countries with developing economy fee?
ECNP offers a special fee to persons from countries with a developing economy, as defined by the World Bank. Please contact the ECNP Office for further details. The World Bank updates its list on a regular basis and the special fee only applies as long as your country is on that list.

I am retiring. Has ECNP a special category for retired scientists?
ECNP offers a reduced fee for officially retired scientists who have been an ECNP member for ten years or more, amounting to EUR 75 including online subscription to European Neuropsychopharmacology (ENP). To qualify for this category, please send a request by email to the ECNP Office.

Will I receive an invoice?
You may print your invoice via My ECNP portal.

Can I pay my membership fee online?
Yes, ECNP has a secure online credit card payment system. Here you can find your balance due and instructions for payment.

Which credit cards does ECNP accept?
ECNP accepts VISA, Master Card or American Express.

Can I pay the membership fee with a bank transfer?
Yes, you can pay the membership fee with a bank transfer:

You can make the amount payable to:
Bank ABN AMRO Bank
Account name ECNP (European College of Neuropsychopharmacology)
Daltonlaan 400
3584 BK Utrecht
The Netherlands 

(You can find the bank details on the invoice).

Please state your membership ID, name and the invoice number as payment description for every transaction.

Does ECNP accept cheques?
No, ECNP does not accept cheques of any sort.

How can I check if the membership fee is paid?
You can check your payment status, balance due and find your receipt here.  

When do I receive my first issue of ENP?
Members receive an online version of European Neuropsychopharmacology which is available after payment.

I have not received my printed version of the journal. When has the latest issue been mailed?
Please send an email to Elsevier.

How can I become more active in ECNP?
You can express your interest by sending an email to the ECNP Office, the Executive Director or any member of the Executive Committee. We warmly encourage you to do so.

How do I report a change of email or address?
You can check and correct your address information here.

What can I do when I have a complaint?
If you have a complaint, you can contact the External Review Board of the ECNP.

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