Workshop Committee

Members 2020-2023
Suzanne Dickson, Sweden, Chair
Roger Adan, The Netherlands
Elisabeth Binder, Germany
Damiaan Denys, The Netherlands
Barbara Franke, The Netherlands
Catherine Harmer, United Kingdom
Judith Harrison, United Kingdom
Jaanus Harro, Estonia
Marion Leboyer, France
Juan Carlos Leza, Spain
Andreas Reif, Germany
Michelle Roche, Ireland

Purpose and goals
The Workshop Committee is charged with the organisation of the ECNP Workshop on Neuropsychopharmacology for Early Career Scientists in Europe, held annually in Nice, France. The committee designs the programme and reviews all abstract submissions, with a view to encompassing forward-looking perspectives on specific topics, and promote and encourage the scientific development of European (pre-) doctorates and medical residents.

The committee usually has nine to twelve members. Terms of service are at least three years.

Format of the Workshop
The programme is organised around three recurring topics – molecular and cellular, behavioural and systems, and experimental clinical neuroscience– and one variable topic. A half-day session is devoted to each topic. In each session two distinguished scientists address specific themes (30 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion). Five shorter presentations by Early Career Scientists follow (10 minutes each, followed by 10 minutes of discussion).

The members of the Workshop Committee are asked to review abstracts, attend the whole Workshop, chair sessions and review posters onsite (see below). Speakers are asked to participate in the whole Workshop and to engage actively in discussion with the early career scientists. The Early Career Scientists are obliged to attend all sessions.

Participants are selected on the basis of the abstract they submit for poster presentation.

Workshop Committee members and speakers can nominate one Early Career Scientist (ECS) to attend. Rules of nomination one ECS by Workshop Committee members and speakers include:

  • Abstracts will be reviewed
  • An Editorial Board member of the ECNP journal Neuroscience Applied (NSA) will receive the names of the nominees when he reviews all abstracts for the selection of participants
  • Rejection is possible if the abstract has an average score lower than 3 (in this case, each individual abstract concerned will be discussed by the chair of the Workshop Committee and the Editorial Board member of NSA responsible for the Workshop abstracts)

The maximum number of participants is 100.

Procedure and timetable
About one and a half years ahead of the event, the committee establishes the programme, based on the three recurring topics and the selected variable topic.

In the autumn before the event, the committee, together with members of the Award and Poster Committee (APC), review the abstracts. Based on this first review, the Editorial Board member of NSA decides which abstracts are accepted for publication in a supplement of NSA, with a maximum of 100, in co-operation with the chair of the Workshop Committee. From this list the chair of the Workshop Committee selects the 20 Early Career Scientists (five per topic) that will be invited to give an oral presentation.

All participants have to present a poster during one of the three poster sessions. During the poster sessions at the Workshop, the committee is requested to review the posters presented by the early career scientists to determine who will be:

  • Invited to give a presentation during the New Findings Symposium at the next ECNP Congress
  • Invited to give a presentation during ECNP's Got Talent Session at the next ECNP Congress
  • Awarded a Travel Award to attend the next ECNP Congress

Each poster should preferably be reviewed by two people. Based on the review scores the chair of the workshop committee will make the final selection.

A participant can only receive one of the three benefits.

Time commitment
In addition to attendance at the Worksop itself (in March, from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon), the Workshop Committee meets as a committee twice a year: during the Workshop itself in Nice, France; and during the annual ECNP Congress (September/October). If needed Zoom calls are scheduled during the year.

In return, Workshop Committee members receive three nights’ accommodation at the hotel in Nice, France during the Workshop, plus travel expenses, as well as registration, travel expenses and one night’s accommodation at the ECNP Congress.