Scientific Programme Committee

The chair of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) is appointed by the Executive Committee for three consecutive ECNP Congresses. For each congress, the chair SPC submits a proposal of committee members to the Executive Committee for approval, taking into account scientific standing of potential candidates, as well as the overall geographical and disciplinary balance. The independent SPC is charged with ensuring that the programme is of a uniformly high standard and balanced across the field of applied and translational neuroscience. 

Members 33rd ECNP Congress: (12-15 September 2020, Vienna, Austria):

Andreas Reif, Germany, chair
Gil Zalsman, Israel, chair Educational Committee
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany, editor-in-chief journal ENP
Claudia Bagni , Italy
Mar Carreño, Spain
Jan Deussing, Germany
Barbara Franke, The Netherlands
Judith Homberg, The Netherlands
Lars Kessing, Denmark
Ulrike Lueken, Germany
Ingrid Melle, Norway
Marcus Munafo, UK
Maurizio Popoli, Italy
Diane Purper-Ouakil , France
Anja Schneider, Germany
Gregers Wegener, Denmark

Members 34th ECNP Congress: (2-5 October 2021, Lisbon, Portugal):
Andreas Reif, Germany, chair
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany, editor-in-chief journal ENP
Eero Castrén, Finland
John Cryan, Ireland
Daniela Galimberti, Italy
Ute Habel, Germany
Susannah Murphy, United Kingdom
Markus Heilig, Sweden
Hilleke Hulshoff Pol, The Netherlands
Martien Kas, The Netherlands
Albino Oliveira Maia, Portugal
Philippe Ryvlin, Switzerland
Nuno Sousa, Portugal
Anita Thapar, United Kingdom

Members of previous Scientific Programme Committees