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Mental health and the corona crisis: 10 key insights
Catch up on our complete series of corona vlogs.

Ten different perspectives on the corona crisis, delivered from the front lines of research and patient care.

The hospital director’s view on corona

Gil Zalsman, Israel, on the challenges of running a psychiatric hospital in the corona crisis.

ECNP-Gil Zalsman

Surviving corona lockdown – a practical guide

Catherine Harmer, UK, on behavioural activation and how it can help you to survive the lockdown.

ECNP expert Catherine Harmer

Stress and resilience during the corona crisis

Christiaan Vinkers, The Netherlands, on what science is telling us about dealing with corona stress.

ECNP expert Christiaan Vinkers

Combating the mental health effects of corona social isolation 

Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany, on managing the impact of lockdown isolation on mental health and wellbeing.

Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany

Running a lab in corona time

Gitte Moos Knudsen, Denmark, on dealing with the risks, challenges and opportunities of corona for labs.

Gitte Moos Knudsen, Denmark

Taking care of your medical staff during the corona crisis

Celso Arango, Spain, on the Spanish experience and how to help your hospital team through the crisis.

Celso Arango video message about corona crisis

Looking ahead: corona’s long-term effects on mental health

Damiaan Denys, The Netherlands, on the longer-term mental health picture.

Damiaan Denys, The Netherlands

In-patient care in the corona crisis – what we’re learning

Andreas Reif, Germany, on how in-patient psychiatric treatment is being adapted to the crisis.

Andreas Reif, Germany

The corona crisis and suicide

Gil Zalsman, Israel, on how to fight corona-related suicide.

Gil Zalsman - ECNP expert - corona crisis

How to continue to care for vulnerable patients during corona 

Damiaan Denys, The Netherlands, on the challenges of patient care in the corona crisis and key lessons learned.

ECNP Expert - Damiaan Denys
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