E-news April 2023
ECNP Courses: pilot 2023-2024
New ECNP educational offering

To broaden our range of educational activities for both clinical and non-clinical scientists, we have developed an all-new offering: the ECNP Courses.

Beginning this year, two pilot courses will start with innovative two-year programmes comprising face-to-face colloquia (in Barcelona in 2023 and Milan in 2024), twenty live online sessions, directed reading assignments and written reports. Successful completion of the courses will be recognised by an ECNP Certificate.

The pilot courses will be on ‘Anxiety Disorders’ and ‘A modernised concept of ADHD’. Application will open on 18 April 2023.

2023 Best Negative Data Prize
Call for applications

The Best Negative Data Prize in Clinical Neuroscience is a collaboration between ECNP and the U.S.-based non-profit research organisation Cohen Veterans Bioscience, under the aegis of the Global Preclinical Data Forum (GPDF). It recognises those who have made exceptional contributions to CNS treatment science by publishing clinical research with negative findings.

The award comes with a USD 10,000 prize provided by Cohen Veterans Bioscience and will be conferred at the 36th ECNP Congress, on 7-10 October 2023, in Barcelona, Spain.

For more details and how to apply, click here.

Application deadline: 21 May 2023.

New ECNP Podcast
Wealth and mental health

In this new episode, Damiaan Denys, the Netherlands, and Ilse Graat, the Netherlands, discuss the paradox of greater economic wealth and the increase of mental complaints.

Find the podcast here, or on Spotify, iTunes or Buzzsprout.

36th ECNP Congress 2023
Latest news and updates

Abstract submission
Share your research with Europe's largest audience in applied and translational research!
Submit an abstract for poster presentation at the 36th ECNP Congress 2023 on or before 15 May 2023.

On the congress website you will find all info, including videos to help you write the perfect abstract.

Special registration fee for ECS
Early Career Scientists (ECS) can register for the 36th ECNP Congress 2023, Barcelona, Spain, with a special fee of EUR 50 for virtual and in-person participation.

Are you an ECS according to the ECNP criteria? Check it here and register today!

Carbon footprint
This year, for the first time, ECNP Congress participants will have a way to calculate and compensate for the CO₂ emissions of their trip to Barcelona. Visit this page for more information about how to join this initiative!

Introduction to Neuropsychopharmacology
SPOC going open access

ECNP’s small private online course (SPOC) on the core elements of neuropsychopharmacology is now freely available on the ECNP website.

Presented by ECNP experts, the SPOC is the only introduction to neuropsychopharmacology of its kind, with modules covering neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurogenetics, psychopharmacology, immunology, and statistics. 

ECNP new employee
Meet Marialena

Marialena Papaioannou, our new administrative assistant, grew up in a large family in Greece, which taught her the importance of team spirit and respect.

'Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work in multicultural environments. Hence my interest in the interaction between human beings and the community. These values have led me here, to ECNP, a warm, inspiring environment that is dedicated to its mission, where I am fully committed to assisting the operations team with a range of tasks, as well as supporting memberships and registrations.'

Welcome on board!

ECNP Committees 2023-2026
New members

ECNP organises its activities though committees staffed by scientists active in the field of applied and translational neuroscience.

For the years 2023-2026, ECNP is pleased to announce new members for:


The Brain Prize
Winners of 2023
ECNP congratulates Michael Greenberg, Christine Holt, and Erin Schuman on being awarded the Brain Prize for their pioneering work on molecular mechanisms of brain development and plasticity.

The Brain Prize, the world’s largest brain research prize, is awarded by the Lundbeck Foundation. Each year, DKK 10 million (approx. EUR 1,3 million) is awarded to one or more brain researchers who have made a groundbreaking impact on brain research.

One of the 2023 Brain Prize winners will give the Brain Prize Plenary Lecture at the 36th ECNP Congress 2023.

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