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28th ECNP Congress Amsterdam

Brainstorming Session proposal deadline approaching

The deadline to propose a Brainstorming Session for the 28th ECNP Congress, 29 August - 1 September 2015 in Amsterdam, is fast approaching.

Brainstorming Sessions are small topic-focused sessions, three per day, in the morning of each Congress day.

Submissions are open only to members. The deadline is: 22 January 2015.

Article of the Month

This month’s featured articles for free download is: ‘Antipsychotic use is associated with a blunted cortisol stress response: A study in euthymic bipolar disorder patients and their unaffected siblings,
by L.C. Houtepen, M.P.M. Boks, R.S. Kahn, M. Joëls, and C.H. Vinkers.

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