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2019 ECNP Workshop in Nice
The ECNP New Frontiers Meeting in Digital Health 2019 in Nice
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ECNP Training Workshop for Early Career Scientists in Athens
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Register now for the 2019 ECNP Congress!

The early registration deadline is coming up soon.

Register on or before 15 April to benefit from the lower registration fees, with discounts up to 30%. Please see the registration pages for more information.

The 32nd ECNP Congress will take place from 7-10 September 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fake and misleading websites

Please be aware that there are several commercial hotel booking companies currently operating, that entirely independent to ECNP, who operate websites offering hotel rooms for the ECNP Congress. Some companies also try to actively sell registration or hotel accommodation by phone.

These organisations are NOT linked to ECNP and are using our name and /or logo without authorisation.

The only reliable sources of information about the ECNP Congress are the official ECNP websites and

Our official registration agency is CPO Hanser Service GmbH and our official housing agency is c’accommodation (trademark of Colloquium Brussels).

ECNP and its official agencies do not call people to sell things related to the congress or ask for credit card details by phone.

If you suspect you are being targeted by a fraudulent website or have received possible scam e-mails, let us know!

2019 ECNP Workshop – looking back 

The ECNP Workshop for Early Career Scientists in Europe, held on 7-10 March in Nice, France, was another highly productive meeting!

“I think it was a great workshop! I really enjoyed the very open and energetic atmosphere, full of enthusiastic young scientists from different fields. Please keep it that way, it’s great!“
Silvia Martinelli, participant

This year's Workshop gave 97 Ealry Career Scientists from 25 European countries the opportunity discuss the latest advances in and perspectives on applied neuroscience with research leaders in the field. This year, focus was given to the prevention of psychiatric and neurological disorders.

19 Early Career Scientists have been selected to present their data at the upcoming 32nd ECNP Congress in Copenhagen, by giving a short lecture and/or a poster presentation. Our special congratulations to them.

Congratulations too to participant Erlandas Paulekas for winning the Workshop photo contest. He receives a free registration to the 32nd ECNP Congress by sharing this creative picture on social media.

A full scientific report of the Workshop can be found here.

Winner ECNP Workshop contest

ECNP New Frontiers Meeting

Highlights of 2019 New Frontiers Meeting

This year’s New Frontiers Meeting was a new model, focusing on challenges and innovation in digital health. The meeting brought together 96 selected participants from 23 countries, representing a cross-section of key stakeholders in the scientific, clinical, patient, industrial and regulatory communities.

12 speakers from Europe and North America covered a range of topics, from best practice applications, to regulatory, legal and ethical complexities, as well as upcoming technologies and future directions. The digital health topic will be continued at next year’s New Frontiers Meeting on 8-10 March 2020, which will explore in particular the role of digital technology in clinical trials.

The meeting is part of ECNP’s ongoing efforts to advance therapy development for brain disorders.

ECNP New Frontiers Meeting 2019

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Preclinical Data Workshop, Athens

ECNP Training Workshop for Early Career Scientists “How to Make Preclinical Research Robust”

On 27 February to 1 March 2019 this three-day training workshop on preclinical data quality was held in Athens, Greece.

Organised by the Preclinical Data Forum Network, the workshop was designed to enhance awareness and help Early Career Scientists to further develop their experimental skills, with particular focus on experimental design to generate high-quality, robust, reproducible and relevant data.

Twenty young scientists from various European countries (Denmark, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, and the UK) and the United States, mostly at predoctoral level, attended the workshop. Cohen Veterans Bioscience provided travel awards for the US participants.

The workshop participants were highly motivated, engaged and committed to improving their research practice, making this a very interactive course with many discussions that informally continued with the lecturers during coffee breaks and meals. Given the good atmosphere among the meeting participants, the Network feels encouraged to continue these educational activities in the future. We hope that the participants of the workshop will act as future ambassadors for robust preclinical research.

Join the ECNP Newtworks

The ECNP Networks are multi-disciplinary pan-European scientific platforms for research collaboration in the ECNP community. They bring together researchers with different expertise across Europe to foster successful collaboration and sharing of ideas, discoveries and practices in translational neuroscience. The overarching aim of the ECNP Networks is to facilitate the collection of essential biological, clinical and therapeutic data in a standardised way to guarantee their robustness, reproducibility and translatability.

Some of our Networks (e.g. the ECNP Experimental Medicine Network) are looking for new members!

Interested? Look here or directly send us an email.
BioMed Alliance

The BioMed Alliance and EFPIA’s joint statement on translational research

The BioMed Alliance, of which ECNP is a member, and EFPIA have issued a joint call for new and better ways to translate basic health research into the delivery of health care and the development of new treatments for patients.

The joint statement calls for more focus and funding for translational research and for pan-European mechanisms for co-ordination and implementation, areas which are of vital interest to ECNP. The statement can be found here.

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