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31st ECNP Congress Barcelona

Congress countdown!

Only four days left until the start of the congress in Barcelona. Hopefully you are just as excited to go as we are!

A few of the many highlights that you shouldn't miss: 

ECNP patient session: Social media and suicidal behaviour – patients, clinicians and researchers' perspectives

Campfire sessions: experimental, informal and highly interactive sessions. Two sessions will be held simultaneously on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (09.00-09.45) in 'The Bubble’. The facilitator of the session will introduce a topic in five minutes in a campfire circle and then drive the discussion further among the participants. Each session will have room for 20 participants, on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Symposium S.12: INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION – How can both patients and research benefit from digital technology?

Top paper sessions: speakers will discuss four papers published in the past 12 months, which they consider clinically most important and cutting-edge in their discipline. These sessions are a great way to get up-to-speed with the latest developments in six different disciplines.

Symposium S.14: New findings in applied neuroscience

Career development sessions: training sessions each feature a leading expert in the field. The expert is specifically invited to share with you his/her wealth of knowledge and experience. The topics are especially interesting for junior scientists, but sessions are open to all participants. Career development sessions are held daily during the lunch break.

Symposium S.20: ECNP INSPIRED – From psychedelics to fish on bikes: learning from the unusual

For an up-to-date scientific programme and industry sessions, visit our congress website. 


PRISM reception

If you are attending the 31st ECNP Congress, you are warmly invited to the PRISM Reception!

Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and major depression are brain diseases that share in part common symptomatology, including social withdrawal and certain cognitive deficits, such as attention, working memory and sensory processing. 

PRISM is a € 17.1 million IMI2 project to develop a quantitative biological approach to the understanding and classification of neuropsychiatric diseases, in order to help accelerate the development of new treatments.

Date: 8 October
Time: 16.30-17.15
Access: to access the reception, please pick up a voucher at the ECNP Plaza (max. for 60 people on a first come, first served basis).

The reception is open to all and is an opportunity for project members to meet and for congress participants to learn more about the PRISM project and talk to consortium experts over a glass of wine.


Love your brain

It's about healthier brains!

During the congress we will have a series of activities to put brain health at the centre of the ECNP Congress.

Run with the president
It’s a run, not a race

On Monday morning ECNP president Celso Arango will lead a 5K recreational run through Barcelona. All congress participants – of whatever sporting level – are invited to join.

Date: Monday 8 October
Time: 07.00-08.00
Start and end: CCIB

Registration required:



Start your day in a relaxed way

Every morning we’ll be running mindful wake-up sessions with yoga instructor Lezanne Swart of Uju Yoga ( The sessions are for people of all levels. Yoga mats are provided.

The sessions are not intense workouts, but are intended to help you start your day as mindfully as possible.

Dates: Sunday 7, Monday 8 & Tuesday 9 October
Time: 07.45-08.45
Location: Room 120

Max. 25 participants per session, first come first served.

Brain food
A balanced diet is important for your brain

In a special session Alejandro Arias-Vásquez will present New Brain Nutrition, an H2020 project to investigate how diet and lifestyle influence our health, brain function, and behaviour.
Joining him, celebrity chef Sebastian Lege will show how good science can be turned into good food.

Date: Monday 8 October
Time: 12.45-13.30
Location: The Bubble

We’ll have healthier snacks on hand for busy congress participants, including fruit, nuts and muesli bars, as well as salads for lunch. Look out for the ‘Love Your Brain’ logo, indicating the brain-healthy options.

Recharge zone
The ECNP Plaza has always been a place to relax, refresh and recharge. But now we’re adding a new dimension with sudoku and brain puzzlers for a gentle mental workout.

More info on all our 'Love your brain' activities.

Ps: take your picture at the Barcelona-Love your brain wall (near the cloakroom), post it on social media and win a free registration for our 2019 congress!

Target Network Meeting

TNMs 10 October - you can still apply

Three Targeted Network Meetings are going to take place right after the 31st ECNP Congress on 10 October 2018 in Barcelona:
  • Anxiety disorders across the life span

  • The state of the art; biomarkers for the prediction of suicidal behaviour

  • Nutrition for mental health across the lifespan

You can still apply to attend one of the meetings.

The TNMs are coordinated by members of the following ECNP Networks: Suicide Network, Nutrition Network, Anxiety Disorders Network. 

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