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ECNP is an independent scientific association dedicated to the science and treatment of disorders of the brain. It is the largest non-institutional supporter of applied and translational neuroscience research and education in Europe. Read more...

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The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces on 24 February 2022 has precipitated a humanitarian crisis on a scale unseen in Europe since the Second World War. As well as the destruction and appalling loss of life, the war has also has been a mental health catastrophe, with implications that will span generations.

ECNP is working with members to do what it can to help in the crisis, and we will continue to bring you updates on activities and initiatives.

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August ECNP newsletter is out

Many interesting topics in this month’s newsletter: deadline for poster presenters to register for the 35th ECNP Congress, call for applications for the ECNP Seminar Virtual 2022, Workshop on nutritional psychiatry organised by the ECNP Nutrition Network, Online Machine Learning School in collaboration with the ECNP Neuroimaging Network; and much more...

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Call for submissions — Neuroscience Applied

We are pleased to offer a 25% discount off the Article Publishing Charge (APC) to those who submit their article by 31 December 2022. Neuroscience Applied is ECNP’s new fully open access journal.

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BRAINFOOD cluster: new article published

The publication entitled 'Towards new nutritional policies for brain health: a research perspective on future actions' shows how a nutritional over pharmaceutical intervention can be preferable in terms of side effects and consumer acceptance.

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The Brain Prize 2023: call for nominations

The Lundbeck Foundation is accepting nominations for The Brain Prize 2023. It recognizes one or more individuals who have made outstanding contributions in any field of neuroscience.

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ECNP Podcast series

The ECNP podcast series brings you conversations with some of the leading researchers in applied neuroscience, discussing their work, their career, their vision in the field, and why they do what they do. You can listen to them on Spotify, iTunes or Buzzsprout.


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ECNP Congress is Europe's global event dedicated to innovation in the treatment of brain disorders!