Suicide Network

Mission statement/aimsSuicide ECNP Network

The network aims at performing and facilitating research in the field of Suicidology with a multi-perspective and interdisciplinary approach, comprising knowledge from biological, psychological, social and clinical disciplines.


The network on research in Suicidology started its activities in 2009 due to initiative of Late Professor Yves Lecrubier and Professor Patrice Boyer. The first step has been the establishment of a steering group of experts and the selection of several public health clinical centres and other labs in different European countries which can participate in multicentre studies. The network members are experts working in the field of suicidology. The members are also asked to be able to recruit patients for clinical and other types of collaborative studies.

The network is engaged in organizing scientific symposia at the ECNP, stand-alone conferences, development of research protocols, writing grant applications and production of scientific publications.