Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders Network (OCRN)

“Through the activities of our Network, in 2017 we obtained an EU H2020 COST Action grant to establish a community of scientists and educators in support of research into the neuropsychopharmacology of problematic usage of the Internet.”                                                                
José Menchon and Dick Veltman
Chairs of the Network  

Mission statement/aimsObsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders ECNP Network

The Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders Network (OCRN), formally established in 2012, aims to deepen the understanding of obsessions and compulsions in psychiatric disorders at the behavioural, neural and molecular level using cross-species observational and experimental approaches.

The objectives of OCRN include:

  • responding to existing relevant grant proposals
  • strengthening existing projects and collaborations
  • setting the research agenda for the future

To this end, the key outstanding research questions for the field will be identified and research strategies developed to address them through collaborative enterprise.

This will be achieved through focussed meetings, teleconferences, establishment of shared multinational databases, multicentre studies and joint publications. Collaboration across existing ECNP Networks and other networks will be encouraged.

A key additional role will be to lobby for OCRDs initiatives at the highest level e.g. via the European Brain Council.

The OCRN Manifesto