iPSCs Platform for Neuropsychiatry Network

“The establishment of our network resulted in several collaborative projects between our members and members of other ECNP networks. Bringing the iPSC technology to use in various aspects of neuroscience such as diagnosis, prediction, prevention, and neuropharmacology is of great importance in mental disorders”
Edna Grünblatt and Sarah Kittel-Schneider
Chairs of the Network


Mission statement / AimsECNP Network: iPSC platform

The aim of this Network is to strengthen the collaboration between basic neuroscience, clinicians, bioinformaticians, the pharmaceutical industry, stake holders, and the public, in order to harness the power of the iPSC platform for the improvement of mental disorder diagnosis, prediction, prevention and treatment. iPSC technology offers novel possibilities in studies of the basic molecular and cellular etiopathology of mental disorders as well as investigating drug response mechanisms and novel drug discovery. Some selected objectives of the network are:

  • Centralise knowledge and expertise from clinical and basic researchers working with iPSCs and share it with the community.
  • Promote collaboration between networks and ECNP members.
  • Supporting early- and mid-career scientists in this field, including education, training and dissemination (interested to join? Click here).
  • Advocate and consistently update the consensus for minimal quality standards when working with iPSCs.
  • Initiation of collaborative international projects and grant applications to the EU and other funding agencies.

Immunofluorescent labelling
Immunofluorescent labelling of TUBB3 (red) and GFAP (green) showing two astrocytes wrapped around a neuron.
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