List of ECNP Networks and TWGs

These are the currently active ECNP Networks and Thematic Working Groups (TWG).
Click on the links below for more information on each Network and TWG.

A list of members for each Network/TWG is published on the website, including their affiliation.

How to join
To join a Network/TWG, see here.

Roadmap pages report the upcoming projects and news for the coming months.

Output pages includes:

  • Research projects (past and on-going, and for which funding has been obtained)
  • Recommended publications and textbooks
  • Other applications (prepared by the Network/TWG to respond to a call, but no funding obtained)
  • Meetings, symposia and other events (also during the annual ECNP Congresses)

The primary purposes of the ECNP Networks and TWGs are to develop research activities within the European Union and for scientific proposals to be funded by the EU framework initiatives and other funding bodies, including Horizon Europe, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme.