Early Career Scientist (ECS) virtual seminar series
The iPSC Platform for Neuropsychiatry Thematic Working Group (TWG) welcomes all interested researchers to our ECSs virtual seminar series. Every two months, a virtual seminar will be hosted by one of the TWG member institutions, which is free to attend and open to all ECSs (non-members are also welcome). Seminars will be presented by ECSs and will take a variety of forms, including research presentations, journal clubs and troubleshooting. We aim to promote the sharing of knowledge and ideas between ECSs in different countries in order to advance the field of iPSC-based neuropsychiatry, whilst additionally providing networking opportunities and training support.

Upcoming date
For future virtual seminars, please check the agenda.

Previous virtual seminar
1 June 2022 — The research group of Oliver Brüstle, Germany gave two talks on the use of forward-programmed neurons to model candidate genes for neuropsychiatric diseases:

  • Programmed neuronal subtypes for modeling neuropsychiatric disorders — Michael Peitz
  • Generation of an isogenic human model of SYNGAP1 syndrome — Christina Au Yeung