As part of its mission to encourage high-quality research, ECNP offers a wide variety of awards and grants designed to recognise and stimulate outstanding research in neuropsychopharmacology and related disciplines in Europe:

For early career scientists, ECNP is proud to offer the following awards:

ECNP Negative Results Prize in Clinical Neuroscience
The ECNP Negative Results Prize in Clinical Neuroscience recognises those who have made exceptional contributions to CNS treatment development by publishing clinical research with negative findings. Read more.

ECNP Citation Prize
The ECNP Citation Prize recognises and encourage impactful original research in the ECNP journal, European Neuropsychopharmacology (ENP). It is awarded to the most cited research paper in the preceding two years. Read more.

ECNP Preclinical Network Data Prize
Since it was established in 2014, one of the core goals of the ECNP Network Preclinical Data Forum was to facilitate sharing of unpublished information between scientists (and particularly industry scientists where a lot of obstacles exist). Read more.

Early Career Scientists ECNP early career scientists

ECNP Rising Star Award
With the Rising Star Award, the ECNP honours an early career researcher with clear focus on translational neuroscience and the potential to advance the science for treatment and prevention of brain disorders. Read more.