ECNP Medicines Chest

LogoECNP would like to assist clinical researchers obtain access to pharmacological tools important for the pursuit of their studies. Frequently, many potentially useful drugs are not exploited in clinical research for a variety of reasons: for example, they are poorly documented by companies in the event that their development is discontinued. In addition, clinical researchers are frequently unaware which agents are potentially available for research purposes, how to acquire such drugs, and the conditions under which they can be exploited.

We hope to help overcome such problems by acting as an intermediary between companies and researchers, and already several pharmaceutical companies have agreed to participate in this endeavour.

We now have several compounds in the Medicines Chest; please click here for a list of drugs (link is accessible to ECNP members only). For each of the compounds, there are various accompanying documents which provide non-confidential information, for example publications and information on compound properties. This 'members only' area also contains instructions on how to apply for access to compounds in the chest.

The latest ECNP Medicines Chest report includes:

  • Background
  • Status
  • Other compounds
  • Contracts
  • Funding opportunities