27th ECNP Congress - Sunday 19 October 2014

PL.02: Plenary lecture

    PL.02.01: René S. Kahn - The Netherlands Structural brain changes in schizophrenia: what we have learned over the last 20 years  

E.03: Educational update session: Diagnosis and treatment of tic disorders

  E.03.01: Danielle C. Cath - The Netherlands Differential diagnosis of jerky movement disorders  

S.05: Symposium: Schizoaffective disorder: construct and treatment

    S.05.01: Jim Van Os - The Netherlands A revolution which did not occur: schizoaffective disorder in DSM-5  
  S.05.02: Andrea Murru - Spain Meeting the unmet needs in the treatment of schizoaffective disorder  
  S.05.03: Alessandra Nivoli - Spain Switching antipsychotics in schizoaffective disorder: rules and cautions  
  S.05.04: Heinz Grunze - United Kingdom Differentiating schizoaffective and bipolar disorder: a dimensional approach  

S.06: Symposium: Neurobiology of ADHD across the lifespan

  S.06.01: Bru Cormand - Spain The genetics of ADHD across the lifespan: tales and reality of common and rare genetic variants  
    S.06.02: Jan K. Buitelaar - The Netherlands Effects of psychotropic drugs in the ADHD brain  
  S.06.03: Klaus-Peter Lesch - Germany Translating genetic findings into biological mechanisms for ADHD through animal models  

S.07: Symposium: Junior Scientists symposium – New insights into the pathophysiological substrates underlying psychiatric disorders

    S.07.01: Dienke J. Bos - The Netherlands Developmental differences in higher-order resting-state networks in autism spectrum disorder  
    S.07.02: Lizanne Schweren - The Netherlands Structural brain correlates of atypical antipsychotic augmentation to methylphenidate treatment in adolescents with ADHD  
  S.07.03: Joanna Slusarczyk - Poland Prenatal stress influences the neuron-glia interaction – a link to depression  
    S.07.04: Katrin Preller - Switzerland Social interaction in cocaine users: altered response to joint attention and underlying functional changes of the reward system  
  S.07.05: Scott Mitchell - United Kingdom The effects of early life stress on nucleus accumbens GABAA receptor function and cocaine mediated behaviour  
  S.07.06: Alexandre Surget - United Kingdom Antidepressant treatment enhances the capacity for disambiguation in the hippocampus  
    S.07.07: Vincent Marzloff - France The social cognition network and its impairment in schizophrenia: medial prefrontal cortex functional deficit in an emotional task  
  S.07.08: Benedetta Vai - Italy Disrupted effective connectivity of emotional circuitry in schizophrenia: a dynamic causal modeling study  

S.08: Symposium: Cocaine and glutamatergic plasticity


S.08.04: Wim Van den Brink - The Netherlands

Imaging glutamate homeostatis in cocaine addiction  

S.09: Symposium: TNM symposium – Compulsivity – transdiagnostic perspective: new models, disorders and treatments

  S.09.01: Eric Hollander, M.D. - USA The cost and impact of compulsivity  
    S.09.02: Anna E. Goudriaan - The Netherlands Modelling compulsivity: from animals to human endophenotypes  
  S.09.03: Dick J. Veltman - The Netherlands Imaging compulsivity: from the group to the individual  

S.10: Symposium: Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's

  S.10.03: Geert-Jan Biessels - The Netherlands Functional and structural neuroimaging in type 2 diabetes  
    S.10.04: Deborah Gustafson - USA Obesity, brain functioning and Alzheimer's disease  

S.11: Symposium: Recent advances in developmental disorders

  S.11.01: Christian Marshall - Canada Recent advances in the genetics of autism spectrum disorder  
    S.11.03: Maarten Titulaer - The Netherlands NMDA receptor encephalitis or schizophrenia?  

CD.01: Career development session:

How to combine your clinical work, science and personal life
    Gitte Moos Knudsen - Denmark  
    Gil Zalsman - Israel