Mood disorders

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An electroencephalographic signature predicts antidepressant response in major depression
Wu et al., Biotechnol, April 2020.

Recommended by Guido van Wingen, The Netherlands: ''This paper shows that an EEG signature can predict the response to sertraline for individual patients with depression. Patients with a low estimated sertraline response showed a beneficial response to transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), suggesting that this EEG signature may be used for treatment selection.''

The mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with and without depressive, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorders: a longitudinal study of three Dutch case-control cohorts
Pan et al., The Lancet, December 2020.

Recommended by Iria Grande, Spain: "Interesting investigation about the resilience and management of stress on people with mental disorder and without them. Who struggles?"

Long-term treatment of bipolar disorder type I: A systematic and critical review of clinical guidelines with derived practice algorithms
Verdolini et al., Bipolar Disorders, December 2020.

Recommended by Iria Grande, Spain: "It is always handy to have nearby a summary about the most recognized clinical guidelines in this case about the long-term treatment of bipolar disorder type I."

Continuation of Antidepressants vs Sequential Psychological Interventions to Prevent Relapse in Depression: An Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis
Breedvelt et al., Jama Psychiatry, May 2021.

Recommended by Iria Grande, Spain: "New update about the classical dilemma in depression whether to continue antidepressant monotherapy or to initiate psychological therapy while tapering antidepressant. This time basically focus in psychological third-generation therapies such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy."

Bipolar Disorder
Carvalho et al., The New England Journal of Medicine, july 2020.

Recommended by Iria Grande, Spain: "A comprehensive and updated revision of bipolar disorder written by experts in the field with clinical practice."

The UKB envirome of depression: from interactions to synergistic effects
Hullam et al., Nature, July 2019.

Recommended by Gabriella Juhasz, Hungary: "A comprehensive network analysis of environmental risk factors for depression highlights the complex relationships and potential mediating mechanisms."

Bi-ancestral depression GWAS in the Million Veteran Program and meta-analysis in >1.2 million individuals highlight new therapeutic directions
Levey et al., Nature, May 2021.

Recommended by Gabriella Juhasz, Hungary: "The largest available genetic association study of depression."