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Episode title: The paradox of wealth and mental health

Damiaan DenysInterviewee: Damiaan Denys, The Netherlands
Damiaan Denys is professor and chair of the department of Psychiatry at the Academic Medical Canter (AMC) at the University of Amsterdam (UVA). As scientist, Denys is well-known for his research on compulsivity and development of deep brain stimulation (DBS) for psychiatric disorders. His work is characterised by an interdisciplinary approach making use of psychiatry, philosophy and neuroscience. As performer, Denys is known to the general public for his anxiety monologue in theatres (2013-2016), numerous public lectures on control, anxiety, psychiatry and philosophy, and expert opinions on radio and TV. Denys studied philosophy and Medicine at the KU Leven (Belgium) and obtained his doctorate cum laude from Utrecht University (the Netherlands) with a dissertation entitled “On certainty: studies in obsessive compulsive disorder”.

Ilse GraatInterviewer: Ilse Graat, The Netherlands
Ilse Graat is a psychiatric resident and researcher at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre. In 2022 she obtained her PhD at the University of Amsterdam. Her research focusses on the use of deep brain stimulation for patients with refractory psychiatric disorders, mainly focussing on patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. She is a member of the ECNP Early Career Academy Board.