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Episode title: Modernising ADHD and the future of applied neuroscience

Barbara FrankeBarbara Franke, the Netherlands
Barbara Franke is Professor of Molecular Psychiatry at Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She is the head of the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience at Radboud University Medical Center. Barbara is one of the internationally leading scientists in the field of biological psychiatry; international collaboration and team science are a strong motivator for her. Barbara is a molecular biologist and geneticist by training. She studies the biological contribution to neurodevelopmental conditions, especially ADHD, and their mental and somatic comorbidities in children and adults. Beyond gene-finding, she uses complementary approaches (bioinformatics, cell-based and small animal models, and neuroimaging genetics) to map biological pathways from gene to behaviour and disease. It is her goal to make biological information useful for improving the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of psychiatric conditions and to contribute to their re-conceptualization. Barbara is highly experienced in mentoring early and mid-career researchers, both locally in Nijmegen and internationally, and she has advised 40 PhD students towards successful finalization of their theses and has worked with 17 postdocs, so far.

Kosma SakrajdaKosma Sakrajda, Poland
Kosma Sakrajda MSc is a PhD Candidate at Poznan University of Medical Sciences, affiliated with the Molecular and Cell Biology Unit (thesis advisor: Prof. Aleksandra Szczepankiewicz PhD). His main research interests are mood disorders, lithium treatment mode of action, and the role of inflammatory states in the course of psychiatric disorders. He is member of ECNP’s Early Career Academy Board.