2022 episodes

On what it was like to be an Early Career Scientist two decades ago, comorbidities in ADHD, being part of the ECNP Network ADHD across the lifespan and the impact of the pandemic* — March 2022
Duration: 45 mins

ecnp-stamp-podcast-blueAndreas Reif, Germany, past-chair of the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC), is in conversation with Early Career Advisory Panel (ECAP) past chair Nils Opel, Germany. Andreas Reif, who studies molecular underpinnings of neuropsychiatric disorders, talks about his life in science and how science has sped up since he started his career. In addition, he shares some advice on how to ensure a successful career start, elaborates on his participation in research networks and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on research and mental health.


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On the value of scientific work, collaboration and communication, the younger generation and being a woman in science*— March 2022
Duration: 30 mins

ecnp-stamp-podcast-blueECNP President Gitte Moos Knudsen, Denmark talks about neurobiology, her personal career history and future plans.
Additionally, she gives advice to early career researchers on creating a successful career without neglecting personal life. 


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Mechanisms behind emotional processing and drug response in the treatment of depression and anxiety*— February 2022 
Duration: 45 mins

ecnp-stamp-podcast-blueCatherine Harmer, United Kingdom, talks about her personal research path and the major findings on the mechanisms behind emotional processing and depression. She also discusses the novel findings on the cognitive mechanisms of the response to drugs used in the treatment of depression and anxiety.


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