2021 episodes

AIMS-2-TRIALS Exploring the biology of autism to tailor treatments and develop new medicines* — September 2021

Duration: 22 mins

ecnp-stamp-podcast-blueDeclan Murphy, United Kingdom, is project coordinator of AIMS-2-TRIALS. The goal of the project is to better understand autism, to test new medicines, to better analyse data and to explore policies on autism. In this podcast, Prof Murphy shares his thoughts about the project and the future of autism research. 


Inaugural podcast — On career, research, and the renaissance of psychedelics*— March 2021
Duration: 36 mins


David Nutt, United Kingdom, a leading expert in neuropsychopharmacology, shares his thoughts about the major findings in brain science and the future of psychiatry. He also talks about his curious path as a psychiatrist-turned-researcher and a fierce advocate for evidence-based treatments and policies.


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