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The annual ECNP Congress is Europe’s largest meeting in applied and translational neuroscience.

Held every autumn, the ECNP Congress brings together psychiatrists, neuroscientists, neurologists and psychologists from around the world to discuss the latest developments in the science and treatment of brain disorders. With more than 5,000 participants, the ECNP Congress is Europe’s premier showcase for new research, treatments and technologies in applied brain science. Spanning the spectrum of human mood, behaviour, cognition and emotion, from basic science to clinical care, the ECNP Congress brings you the best in CNS innovation.

The ECNP Congress is for everyone with an interest in:

  • Treatment research in psychiatry, neurology and psychology
  • Mental health care
  • Discoveries in neuroscience and neurobiology
  • The latest developments in industry innovation
  • Public policy and regulation
  • Patient issues

Discover the future of CNS treatments. Join us at the ECNP Congress!

35th ECNP Congress, 15-18 October 2022, Vienna, Austria

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ECNP programme

Registration (individual and group)
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For participants residing in Ukraine, ECNP offers a special registration fee. Please send an e-mail to the ECNP Office, before you register.

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Early Career Scientist
ECNP offers you a reduced registration fee of only EUR 40 (excl. VAT). Read more and register here.

Watch the videos with ECNP experts on why to attend the 35th ECNP Congress.

John Cryan

The Stichting 35th ECNP Congress is a Dutch public-interest-serving entity.

Highlights of the ECNP Congress

Exhibition and Welcome Reception 

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Plenary Lecture and Registration Area

ECNP Congress: plenary lecture    registration

Poster Sessions and Keynote Lecture

Poster Area at the ECNP Congress    Keynote Session at the ECNP Congress 

Future ECNP Congresses

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Past ECNP Congresses

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