Introduction to Neuropsychopharmacology
online course

This small private online course (SPOC) offers an accessible scientific overview of the core elements of neuropsychopharmacology, presented by ECNP experts in 2018.

The modules cover neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neurogenetics, psychopharmacology, immunology, and statistics.

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1) Introduction to the ECNP SPOC
Gil Zalsman, Israel

Introduction of ECNP SPOC, Gil Zalsman

2) ECNP: an introduction
Celso Arango, Spain

ECNP: an introduction,  Celso Arango

3) Psychopharmacology and medication induced ‘side effects’
Guy Goodwin, United Kingdom

Psychopharmacology and medication induced ‘side effects’, Guy Goodwin

4) Psychiatric epigenetics
Elisabeth Binder, Germany

Psychiatric epigenetics, Elisabeth Binder

5) Neurophysiology and neurochemistry: dopamine
Andreas Reif, Germany

Neurophysiology and neurochemistry: dopamine, Andreas Reif, Germany

6) Psychiatric genetics
Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Germany

Psychiatric genetics,  Andreas Meyer

7) Brain imaging for diagnosis and assessment of drug effects
Gitte Moos Knudsen, Denmark

Brain imaging for diagnosis and assessment of drug effects, Gitte Knudsen

8) Functional and developmental neuroanatomy
Gil Zalsman, Israel

Functional and developmental neuroanatomy, Gil Zalsman

9) Statistical basic introduction
Avi Avital, Israel

Statistical basic introduction

10) Immune system and the CNS
Eldar Hochman, Israel

Immune system and the CNS, Eldar Hochman

11) Introduction to neurotransmitters
Amir Krivoy, Israel

Amir Krivoy