Breaking Hot Topic Symposium

Breaking Hot Topic Lecture

Call for lecture proposals!

To include timely research in the congress programme, the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) is accepting proposals for Breaking Hot Topic Lectures in applied and translational neuroscience at the 37th ECNP Congress 2024.

Lecture proposals from various disciplines, including neurology and psychology are welcome.

Check here for the full list of scientific topics accepted at the ECNP Congress.

How to submit
During the submission process you needed to insert the following details:

  • A suggested speaker and back-up speaker (name, country, e-mail)
  • A presentation title (max. 20 words)
  • A summary explaining the content of the presentation and a short motivation: why is it important that these findings are shared? (together max. 250 words)

Submit here

The deadline to submit is 13 May 2024. All submissions will be reviewed by the SPC for acceptance, the outcome of the review will be communicated before 10 June 2024.

Further information
Selected speakers will receive:

  • The opportunity to present their research during a short talk
  • Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs