Scientific topics

Which scientific topics are accepted at the ECNP Congress?
ECNP’s mission is to ensure that advances in the understanding of brain function and human behaviour are translated into better treatments and enhanced public health.
Scientific topics at the ECNP Congress

ECNP accepts and encourages the submission of abstracts and (proposal) outlines by psychiatrists, neuroscientists, neurologists, psychologists and other professionals, from across the world, who are keen on discussing the latest developments in the science and treatment of brain disorders. ECNP accepts abstracts from a broad range of topics in applied neuroscience.

A list of the most common topics, divided over four overarching tracks, is below. This list has been fully revised in January 2024.

Track  Topic
 Mental conditions     Addiction
Anxiety and anxiety disorders
Eating disorders
Impulsive and compulsive disorders
Mood disorders
Personality disorders
Psychotic disorders
Sleep disorders
Trauma and stress-related disorders
 Transdiagnostic Biomarkers
Brain-immune interactions
Gender health
Gut-brain axis
Neurodegenerative disorders and dementia
Neurodevelopmental conditions
Neurological disorders
Neuroscience culture and society
Perinatal health
Precision medicine
 Interventions Digital Health
Gene and stem cell therapy
Neurostimulation and related techniques
Pharmacological interventions
Prevention and lifestyle

    Research methods and    


Animal models
Artificial Intelligence and computational models
Cellular and molecular approaches
Neurophysiology and electrophysiology
New tools in neuroscience applied
Psychiatric genomics
Systems and circuits neuroscience

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