The ECNP Office

The ECNP Office is charged with supporting the Executive Committee and implementing its directives. It coordinates member activities and administers, organises and publishes all ECNP’s programmes, initiatives and resources, as well as serving as the central contact point for information about and communication with ECNP. The ECNP Office is under the direction of the Executive Director.

ECNP office 2019

Please find below a complete overview of ECNP Office contact information, as well as a full list of ECNP Office members.

Executive Director
Alexander Schubert, PhD E-mail

Congresses & Meetings
Iris Allebrandi
Director Congresses & Meetings E-mail

Eline Keijer
Senior Project Manager Congresses & Meetings E-mail

Melinda Spitzer
Senior Project Manager Congresses & Meetings E-mail

Annemieke Heuvink
Project Manager Congresses & Meetings E-mail

Rilana Rahaël
Assistant Manager Registration E-mail

Science, Education
Rosanne Ausems, PhD
Scientific Coordinator E-mail

Corine ten Brink
Project Manager Science & Education E-mail

Wendy Schouten
Project Manager Science & Education E-mail

Ligia Bohn
Senior Project Manager Communication E-mail

Petra Hoogendoorn
Project Manager Science, Education & Communication E-mail

Maxime Besutti
Web Communication Assistant E-mail

Ellen van den Berg
Director Operations E-mail

Philip van Daal
Bookkeeper E-mail

Beatrice Dunnink
Administrative Assistant E-mail

ECNP Office contact details:

Daltonlaan 400
3584 BK Utrecht
The Netherlands

T: +31 85 7826 670

Office hours
Monday to Friday 9.00-17.30 (CET — Central European Time).
The ECNP Office works partially from home. You can reach us by phone or contact us by e-mail:

ECNP Congress:

Other ECNP matters: