ECNP Supported Talks 2013

22 March 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria

'Impulsive and compulsive features in OCD and addiction'  - Joseph Zohar

At: 12th Conference of College Private Psychiatry

27 June 2013 Lublin, Poland

'Perspective of schizophrenia treatment' - Istvan Bitter

At: Convention of the Polish Psychiatric Association

30 August 2013 Palanga, Lithuania 

'Molecular genetics of substance use in general population' - Jaanus Harro

At: 8th Baltic Symposium on Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology

27 September 2013, Dubrovnik, Croatia

'Creative timing of psychotropic administration' - Joseph Zohar

At: 1st International conference on creative psychopharmacotherapy

23 October 2013, Brazil

'Psicofarmacologia: pespectivas para o futuro' - Joseph Zohar, Israel

At: 31st Brazilian Congress of Psychiatry