New approaches to psychiatric drug development

12-13 March 2017, Nice, France

Neuroscience is currently bolstering insight into the functional processes that underlie central nervous system (CNS) derangement in psychiatric illness. By applying sophisticated mechanism based methodologies, an increasing number of potential 'drugable' CNS targets have been identified which may potentially benefit both clinical management of psychiatric conditions and psychiatric drug development in the future. Psychiatry has been unable, however, to effectively exploit the advances neuroscience has yielded up to now. It remains unclear how many novel neuroscience-based targets relate to symptoms that make up psychiatric diagnostic entities and stake holders have yet to reach agreement on how to move forward. If psychiatry wants to improve the condition of patients with psychiatric disorders by utilizing mechanism-based CNS targets, it is crucial that neuroscientists, clinicians, industry and regulators collaborate to bridge the translational gaps between novel targets, CNS functions and clinical phenomena.

This meeting was dedicated to discuss strategies to address this issue and to promote interactions and discussions between academia, industry, clinicians, regulators and patients.

The detailed programme is published here

The New approaches meeting took place at:
B4 Plaza Nice
Avenue de Verdun, 12

How to participate
It is no longer to apply for this meeting (deadline was 30 January 2017).
If your application is accepted, ECNP will waive the registration fee however hotel and travel costs are at your own expense.

Further information
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