Biomarkers Meeting

From biomarkers to clinical tests in psychiatry – the promise and the challenge
15-16 March 2015, Nice, France

Over the last three decades biological psychiatry has generated a wide array of scientific findings about the biological basis of psychiatric disorders and their treatment. Yet, very few of these findings have made their way into the clinic. ECNP has decided to organise a special-purpose meeting to understand this issue – with a view to identifying the critical next steps that might be required to facilitate faster success. The meeting brought together scientists, clinicians, regulators, industry experts, biotech companies and a patient-consumer perspective to understand the state-of-the art, the promise and the challenges related to taking biomarkers from the bench to the clinic.

The meeting was held over two days – beginning on the evening of 15 March and continuing through on 16 March. The meeting consisted of series of talks, panel discussions and Q&A sessions focussed on complementary topics.

The complete programme is available here