Scientific cafés - 27th ECNP Congress

Scientific cafeThe scientific cafés are intended to provide the perfect networking platform at our congress. 

The afternoon symposia flow seamlessly into a scientific café of a matching topic. The session chair and speakers will be asked to attend, allowing you to interact more directly with members of the faculty. 

It is a chance to mix and mingle with other participants who just attended the same session. The scientific cafés are the ideal time to exchange thoughts, ideas and conversation in a relaxed setting.


Sunday 16.25-16.55

Compulsivity café
Diabetes and Alzheimer café 
Developmental disorders café 
Junior Scientist café 
Tic disorders café  

Monday  16.25-16.55

Paediatric treatments café 
Schizophrenia treatment café 
Biomarkers bipolar café 
Adult neurogenesis café 
Designing drug trials café 

Tuesday 16.25-16.55

Biology of psychotherapy café 
Cognition and Parkinson café 
Insomnia treatment café 
Neuropeptides in obesity café 
Medicine Nomenclature café