Scientific cafés

The scientific cafés are intended to provide the perfect networking platform at our congress.

This year's new and improved concept will see the afternoon symposia flow seamlessly into a scientific café of a matching topic. The session chair and speakers will be asked to attend, allowing you to interact more directly with members of the faculty.

You will also have the chance to mix and mingle with other participants who just attended the same session. The scientific cafés are the ideal time to exchange thoughts, ideas and conversation in a relaxed setting.

Sunday 16.10-16.40

Bipolar café
ADHD café
Junior Scientists café
Computational café
CBT café

Monday 16.10-16.40

Schizophrenia café
Brain connectivity café
Immunogenetics café
Down syndrome café
Nomenclature café

Tuesday 16.10-16.40

Epilepsy café
Antisocial behaviour café
Brain imaging café
NMDA café
Bipolar café