Registration Fees

Registration fees
Fees are quoted in euro (EUR) and per person. Payments in other currencies will not be accepted.
The registration fees indicated below are only applicable if both the registration form and payment are received on or before the deadline date; otherwise the next higher registration fee will be applied.

Early registration and payment
(on or before 15 April 2013)

Excl. Spanish VAT Incl. Spanish VAT
Member* Normal EUR 442.15 EUR 535.00
CDE** EUR 202.48 EUR 245.00
Junior Scientist*** EUR 152.90 EUR 185.00
Non-member Normal EUR 661.16 EUR 800.00
CDE** EUR 301.66 EUR 365.00
Junior Scientist*** EUR 247.94 EUR 300.00

Standard registration and payment
(after 15 April until 23 September 2013)

Excl. Spanish VAT Incl. Spanish VAT
Member* Normal EUR 549.59 EUR 665.00
CDE** EUR 309.92 EUR 375.00
Junior Scientist*** EUR 256.20 EUR 310.00
Non-member Normal EUR 768.60 EUR 930.00
CDE** EUR 400.83 EUR 485.00
Junior Scientist*** EUR 351.24 EUR 425.00

On-site registration and payment
(after 23 September 2013)

Excl. Spanish VAT Incl. Spanish VAT
Member* Normal EUR 623.97 EUR 755.00
CDE** EUR 384.30 EUR 465.00
Junior Scientist*** EUR 330.58 EUR 400.00
Non-member Normal EUR 822.31 EUR 995.00
CDE** EUR 475.21 EUR 575.00
Junior Scientist*** EUR 425.62 EUR 515.00

* The member registration fee is only applicable if your yearly contribution for membership has been paid. Please note that if you have not paid or you are not listed on the ECNP membership list, the organisers reserve the right to register you as a non-member and charge the corresponding fee.

** Participants from CDE (Countries with Developing Economies World Bank List).

*** The Junior Scientist registration fee applies only to those junior scientists attending the congress who are not presenting a poster. If you are presenting a poster that has been accepted for publication in the congress supplement, there is no registration fee – you can attend the 26th ECNP Congress for free.

If your abstract is not accepted for publication, and you do not want to pay the (low) Junior Scientist registration fee, you can cancel your registration by contacting the organising secretariat Colloquium Group by e-mail.