Topic-specific press briefings at
the occasion of the 26th ECNP Congress

Press briefing 2: Monday 7 October, 08.00-8.50
New developments in adult psychiatry
Moderator: Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, Germany

Press releases

Food addiction: fact or fiction, Suzanne Dickson, Sweden

New pharmacotherapies for schizophrenia, Michael Berk, Australia

Sex hormones and anxiety in women, Inger Sundström Poromaa, Sweden

Press briefing 3: Monday 7 October, 12.00-12.50
New developments in child and adolescent psychiatry
Moderator: Alessandro Zuddas, Italy

Press releases

The pharmacological treatment of adult ADHD, Esther Sobanski, Germany

New treatment options for cognitive problems in Down syndrome, Benoit Delatour, France