Registration fees

Fees are quoted in euro (EUR) and per person. Payments in other currencies will not be accepted.

Registration categories   

until 15 April 2017*

until 15 Aug. 2017*

 after 15 Aug. 2017

Member1 Normal 

EUR 600

EUR 730

EUR  875


EUR 405

EUR 535

EUR 670


EUR 280

EUR 400

EUR  515

  Junior Scientist4

EUR 215

EUR 340

EUR 455

Non-member  Normal  

EUR 800

EUR 930

EUR 995


EUR 605

EUR 735

EUR 870


EUR 365

EUR 485

EUR 600

  Junior Scientist4

EUR 300

EUR 425

EUR 540

[1] Member category: applicable if your membership period includes the congress days and your membership contribution has been paid.
Are you not a member yet? Apply here

[2] Non-MD: applies specifically to those engaged in basic research. It excludes those with medical training.

[3] CDE: for individuals resident in a country with a developing economy (CDE).
If you would like to pay in instalments please send a request by email to

[4] Junior Scientist: for people matching the ECNP definition of a junior scientist. 
During the registration process you have to confirm you are a junior scientist by uploading a student card (or an official letter* from the head of your department, university or institution) and a copy of your ID/passport.

*Please download here the standard form that can be used to confirm the status of junior scientist.