Plenary lectures

Continuing a successful formula, at our congress in Amsterdam, we will again have six plenary lectures as part of the scientific programme. Our line-up:



Tallie Z. Baram Neural correlates of chronic early-life stress 
Tallie Z. Baram, USA
Short biography (PDF)



Andreas Heinz The role of motivation and reward in mental disorders 
Andreas Heinz, Germany
Short biography (PDF)



ECNP Neuropsychopharmacology Award lecture
Can we improve speed and efficacy of antidepressant treatments?Francesc Artigas, Spain
Short biography



Robbins-pic Brain Prize Award lecture
Impulsivity and compulsivity: neural substrates and neuropsychiatric implications 
Trevor W. Robbins, United Kingdom
Short biography (PDF)



Anna Monika Prize Award lecture 
Anxious temperament: results from a translational neuroscience approach

Ned H. Kalin, USA



Leboyer Is it time for immuno-psychiatry? 
Marion Leboyer, France
Short biography (PDF)