Down Syndrome and Other Genetic Developmental Disorders Network

Common mechanisms and therapeutic avenues

Treatments for genetic developmental disorders are mostly symptomatic. Identification of common mechanisms suggest that new therapeutic targets could be applied in various intellectual disabilities.
The Targeted Network Meeting on common mechanisms and therapeutic avenues for Down syndrome and other genetic developmental disorders will be divided into three parts.
The first part will discuss common mechanisms in Down syndrome and other genetic developmental disorders: how can we define the mechanisms and boundaries from the data of the genomes, proteome and interactome. Two examples will be presented: Fragile X and Down syndromes that will discuss molecular aspects as well as treatments during development.
The second part will discuss challenges and opportunities for clinical trials. An overview on benzodiazepine receptor targets in cognitive disorders will be presented and examples will be provided for Down and Fragile X syndromes and other intellectual disabilities.
Finally, the last part will discuss new avenues such as magnetic and electric stimulation, cognitive training and how to model genetic developmental disorders using induced pluripotent stem cells and derived neurons and brain organoids.  


21 September 2016, 08.00-15.00

Meeting venue

Austria Center Vienna
Address: Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, A-1220 Vienna
Room: Hall M2

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