ADHD Network

Hot topics in ADHD across the life span research

In this TNM, we aim to identify several hot topics in ADHD across the lifespan from both a clinical as well a research standpoint. Within our network, we have identified three major subjects that move the field. First, emotional dysregulation is a key feature of ADHD in all age groups, although it presents distinctly in different ages. It both can be considered an endophenotype or transdiagnostic feature; here we aim to disentangle these perspectives from several angles. Likewise, disturbances of circadian rhythms are a common problem in ADHD, often requiring clinical intervention. Also here, this phenotype might aid to subtype patients although this research is still in its infancy, making it an exciting new avenue. Finally, the last years saw a number of excellent epidemiological papers on ADHD, mainly stemming from the impressive Scandinavian cohorts. How this might govern the field further will be subject of the last part of this TNM.   


21 September 2016, 08.00-15.00  

Meeting venue

Austria Center Vienna
Address: Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, A-1220 Vienna
Room: Hall M1

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